In this edition’s Army&You and Reading Force Book Club, our forces youngsters share their views on Roxy & Jones: The Great Fairytale Cover-Up, written by Angela Woolfe…

Michelle (9)

The story is about two girls called Roxy and Jones who try and save the world from a diabolical magic. I liked this book because it had many references to fairy tales, like Frankie, Jones’ fairy godmother, who turned an aubergine into a motorbike. Roxy got stuck in a tower and found a magic mirror that talked, and Roxy’s brother and sister were called Hansel and Gretel. My favourite part is when Roxy finally finds out that Jones’ real name is Cinderella.

Grace (11)

I loved reading this book. It has so much humour – it’s sometimes sad but most of the time it’s funny and happy. The author described the characters very well and my favourite character is Jones. This book gets your heart racing and so excited that you can’t hold the excitement in! You rush to read what is going to happen. Overall, I love this book and would definitely recommend it.

Jessica (10)

I really loved this book and the two main characters, Jones and Roxy. Jones is wild whereas Roxy is quiet and polite. The book was very funny and I liked the rhyming mirror. My favourite part was when Jones insulted Bijou, a sassy girl, when she got glitter on her doughnut. It was clever how fairy tale characters were entwined in Roxy and Jones’ lives. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes funny adventure stories.

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