A blog from Army&You’s autumn 2022 edition by Ro Iva Seruvatu, @ro_ivas_creations

Before I got married, I thought army life would be a strict and boring kind of life, but I soon realised that life in the army family is very exciting.

It’s full of opportunities and adventures like the availability of study, travelling, meeting new people and enjoying time together as a community. Even with its ups and downs, I’m thankful to God every day for the armed forces and for the opportunities that come with it.

We’ve now been married for a decade – our daughter currently lives with my parents in Fiji and will be joining us soon once we finalise the paperwork. What keeps me going is having my faith to lean on, and as strong women we learn to cope and adjust. We have a strong support system from our families and friends.

My husband and I are a team, and we try our very best to support and encourage each other in whatever situations come our way. When he’s away, I pray for his safety. I make it my business to stay in touch with my parents, siblings, and our faraway families.

My favourite posting was Germany where I joined my husband in 2012. It holds a very special place in my heart because that’s where we started our lives together as a married couple. I met amazing people and lifelong friends. The freedom of cycling everywhere was something new and exciting for me and I loved it!

Since we moved to the UK, I started my small business – Ro Iva’s Creations – and I’ve recently self-published bilingual children’s educational books to help parents who live outside of Fiji to teach their children the basic Itaukei language (Fijian).

Being new to the army family community can be challenging at times. If I have any advice it would be to look after your family and support each other. When you find genuine friends, keep them close.