MILITARY families from the UK and the US have gathered in Victoria Park, Glasgow on Saturday 28th September to share the pain of bereavement through conflict and military service.

An act of remembrance took place at the war memorial where a short service was held followed by the laying of flowers. Over 200 bereaved families were represented. The event to remember loved ones and provided mutual support was organised by SSAFA’s Bereaved Families Support Group, a network of partners, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children of the fallen.


Among those present were also families from the US charity TAPS, who support

American families undergoing similar tragedy. The UK families meet twice a year at locations around the UK.

This is the first time that US families have been invited to take part in the event with twelve US families represented and over 200 from the UK.

Chairman of the Bereaved Families Support Group, Sandy Elliot, from Aberdeen commented: “Thankfully we are seeing fewer casualties from military operations such as Afghanistan, however, it’s important that we don’t forget those who died and the long-term effects of bereavement on family and friends.

“These support group meetings are vital as only those who have been through the terrible experience of losing a loved one can understand the long-term effects of such a loss. We are delighted that some US families who lost loved ones in similar circumstances were able to join us.”

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