CALLING Army families! There’s a new art project from Yorkshire based artist Michelle Clarke-Stables about women’s experience of war through their messages of love and she would love you to be involved.

LETTERSWEBFULLMichelle explained:This project is about remembering that even during times of war, love endures.

“Messages of love give us hope and keep us connected to our loved ones, whether they’re at home or on the frontline.

“Art is for all and so I want you to get involved. I’m interested in the woman’s perspective and experience of war, from women at home to female soldiers today.”

“I would be honoured if Army families could share your photographs, letters, texts, emails received or sent by – or to – a woman during war. From selected materials I will produce a series of portraits of the women. Without your participation this project would not be possible.”

Please send me your photographs and messages of love on Twitter @withlovefrom with the hashtag #LeTtERsfromtheHeart or email Michelle at


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