DID you know there are now more than 300 million people worldwide using LinkedIn, the third-largest social media platform behind Facebook and Twitter? Don’t miss out. Here’s why you should be signed up:

  1. Find and be found. Build your professional network and link with others in the same line of work, or with the same interests as you. Building your network now could be beneficial when you most need it.
  2. Stay in the loop. Follow the companies, groups and people most relevant and beneficial to you. Hear about new ideas, share your thoughts and find out what those who inspire you are thinking.
  3. Give your online profile a valuable boost. LinkedIn is not just for job searchers, although it can be valuable career insurance. Your profile is a living, breathing CV; those you link with can endorse your skills helping to create a professional portfolio that can give others the confidence to approach you as an expert in your field.

The average LinkedIn user spends around 17 minutes a month on their profile. Taking the time to keep your information up-to-date could be really beneficial in helping you to network and make new contacts more effectively.

What’s more, by being active in groups and keeping track of influential figures, you’ll have a great insight into key trends, ideas and news.

Need help setting up?

Setting up your LinkedIn account is fairly simple. For help getting started, click here.

AFF is now one of 2.8 million companies with its own LinkedIn page and we would love you to link with us and get involved in spreading word of our work across social media. Visit www.linkedin.com and search for “Army Families Federation”.

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