Higher Futures is a skills development service aimed at ensuring that the workforce in Swindon and Wiltshire, including the military community, is able to gain higher-level skills and qualifications (NVQ level 4, HND/Degree and above). Army&You spoke to Navy veteran Amanda Peach about what’s on offer for Army families…

WITH a wealth of experience, Amanda works with tri-Service personnel, their families, Reservists and veterans to identify their skills gaps and the opportunities available to them.

Amanda said: “You may be looking to return to work after a period of absence having moved into a more settled period in your life or after having spent time at home caring for children.

“Some Army family members don’t hold university level qualifications recognised by civilian employers and this is where I can help, offering access to university level education that is local and flexible – meeting employers’ needs and fitting in with employees’ lives.”

Skills training

Working closely with military organisations and the business community, Higher Futures offers access to high quality tailored training for skills that are in short supply.

With the greatest concentration in the country, the military community is an additional route for employers to access in Swindon and Wiltshire.

Amanda added: “I enjoy working directly with Army families running one-to-one clinics at military bases where we offer advice, information and guidance.”

Local access

Working in partnership with organisations such as the HIVE and other charities, she recently ran one at Tidworth Leisure Centre, Wiltshire, specifically aimed at military families.

Amanda said: “This community has so much to offer the local economy but it’s a case of identifying the skills and ‘re-engineering’ those skills to meet local business needs, we are really lucky to be able to tap into this wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Laura Lewin, AFF’s Employment & Training Specialist, added: “Having a partner in the Forces can present unique barriers for those of you wanting to access employment, training or education.

“This service provides professional training and an opportunity to obtain free impartial advice and guidance.

“One of the many benefits is that Higher Futures will recognise any prior learning, which will enable you to complete your qualification quicker.”

For more details, visit higherfutureshub.co.uk or call 01225 756174.

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