If you are moving back from Germany or a far flung posting or your child is at the beginning of the education phase, you may not be aware of the recent educational changes which may help you. Our Education & Childcare Specialist, Lucy Scott, tells us what AFF has been working on…

Success stories
Thanks to the evidence you have provided, AFF has been able to help bring about changes that could benefit many Army families:

  • the new Schools Admission’s Code applies for children starting school this September and is also particularly useful when you move mid-year
  • rules for withdrawing your child from boarding school with no financial penalty have been dramatically simplified
  • restricting the number of days an estranged parent may see their child to comply with educational allowance rules contrary to the Children’s Act and Army regulations have now been changed
  • School Children’s Visits from North West Europe have been altered to include car travel thanks to excellent work by AFF in Germany.

AFF has also been in discussion with the Government on a variety of issues this year, including:

  • A Defence Select Committee enquiry into educating the children of Service personnel
  • The Department for Education consultation on the revised statutory guidance on children missing education
  • The MOD’s Directorate of Children and Young People’s project the transfer of school records
  • The Welsh Government’s Package of Support for the Armed Forces community.

If you would like me to look at a particular issue, email me at ec@aff.org.uk

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