Army family Scottie, Kelly, Harrie and Harry the dog share their impressions of life stationed in Turkey…

How long have you been an Army family?
15 years.

Time in Turkey:
15 months.

How many other military families live there?
Currently there are approximately 30.

POSTCARDTURKEY2What’s your quarter like?
This is undoubtedly the best quarter we have ever lived in. It’s a brand-new four-bedroom villa, complete with ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. There are another five military families on our sitesi (compound) and we all share an infinity pool which overlooks the Aegean Ocean.

Can spouses work?
No, hence I’m enjoying a very welcome career break, although I do voluntary work at the international school.

What about schools?
Our daughter enjoyed a year at MEF International School in Izmir before heading back to the UK to start boarding school. She made multi-national friends and enjoyed many multi-cultural opportunities at the school. MEF follows the Cambridge curriculum and covers primary and secondary levels.

Where do Army families get together?
There’s a monthly book club and bunco group, however, most days people meet at the large NATO pool or at the beach. Whilst formal gatherings are limited, there are lots of impromptu BBQs, bargain-hunting trips to the local bazaar and markets and coffee stops in Starbucks. We also have access to a small American PX. 

Who supports families?
There isn’t a welfare team here, however, the NSE – which includes a native Turkish speaker – is responsible for our day-to-day admin needs. We also have a closed (secure) Facebook group in which we share information. It is a great resource for anyone coming here!

What’s the best thing about living in Turkey?
Izmir and the surrounding Aegean area are full of places to visit. I count my lucky stars every morning as I drink my coffee overlooking the Aegean Ocean. We’ve had a great time exploring the culture, coastline, water parks and even swimming with dolphins.

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