SERVICE personnel, veterans and their families are benefitting from a record-breaking £65 million windfall that will be ploughed into projects and initiatives to help improve their lives.

Defence Minister, Anna Soubry, announced the news while publishing this year’s Armed Forces Covenant report. Projects from the investment include:

  • £9m on the best possible prosthetics for injured Service personnel and veterans
  • £28m to charities supporting the Armed Forces community
  • £19m to provide support for Service children in schools through the School Support Fund and Service Pupil Premium
  • £4m funding innovative local Community Covenant projects
  • £5m introducing a brand new benefit so seriously injured veterans are guaranteed £7,000 a year for life.

In addition to this commitment, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that £6m will be invested into the School Support Fund every year for the next four years, to help ensure that Service children receive support to help them settle into their new schools.

He said: “We made a promise to do more for our Armed Services and to put the military covenant at the heart of our national life. And I’m proud that this year’s report proves that we are keeping our promise.

“The Government is providing more funding than ever before for Covenant projects. Almost all our local authorities have committed to bringing their Service community closer to their local community.

“And the corporate sector has recognised their role too with more than 70 companies now offering tailored support for members of our armed forces, their families and veterans.”

Picture: 10 Downing Street

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