HAPPY anniversary to us! AFF’s flagship magazine has reached its 100th edition and we are proud to say it is still as vital today as it was when the first issue rolled off the presses.

The magazine has moved with the times over the years, starting out as Neighbours then the Army Wives Journal, Army Families Journal and now winning awards as Army&You – serving all those with a soldier in their life.

Whilst Army life has changed over the years, many of the issues families experience remain the same.

Today the magazine is delivered to 55 countries with a circulation of almost 50,000. It has a huge presence on Twitter and Facebook and a fantastic website which receives around 4,000 unique views each month.

We have had many famous supporters over the years from royalty – Diana, Princess of Wales – through to politicians and celebrities including Michelle Keegan, Bear Grylls, Carol Smillie, Alan Titchmarsh, Oz Clarke and Russell Watson.

Current editor Charlotte Eadie said: “It’s the stories of Army life from you, the families, that have been key to the success of AFF’s magazine over the years.

“We’ll continue to celebrate Army life where there is best practice and highlight things that can be improved.

“Thank you for your continued support.” 

Catharine Moss, former editor

Army&You has grown from its humble newsletter origins to a glossy must-have in three decades. My proudest moment was getting the magazine delivered direct to the door of families living in the UK; a big step forward in enabling AFF to communicate directly with its audience.”

Sue Bonney, former editor

“Many congratulations on your 100th edition! The magazine has gone from strength-to-strength. Long may it continue to inform, entertain, help and support all Army families wherever they are in the world.”

Lady Kitson OBE, AFF founder

From the very start the magazine was most important. I felt that there was a need for the families to have a voice. The magazine has done fantastically well. As well as responding to families and giving them information, it has also involved them in its production. Old issues like housing and employment will always be around but new matters will arise and there will be new challenges. By listening to people’s problems and helping even when no solutions seemed to be in sight, you have done a great service. As the saying goes, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. Congratulations – you are so important.”

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