You can tell a soldier
by Clive Sanders

You can tell a soldier by the clothes that he will wear,

By the way he stands, his sharp commands,

And the shortness of his hair.

He will physically look fitter than most men that you meet,

He will stand erect, with great effect,

And his dress will be quite neat.


He will stand out in a gathering or be noticed in the street,

With his steely eyes, which are battle-wise,

And his impact when you meet.

He may not be an angel and may not always be a saint,

But he’ll stand his ground, when the cannons sound,

And when many men would faint.


But a soldier tells a soldier by the battles that he’s fought,

By his battle scars, his trophy jars,

And diseases that he’s caught.

For a soldier knows a soldier like a brother or a friend,

Who’ll join the fight, with all his might,

And stand together to the end


For a soldier will have seen some things,

That it isn’t good to see.

He will have travelled to some places,

Where it isn’t good to be.

He will have stood in many battle lines,

When he wanted just to flee.

But without his brave self-sacrifice,

Our world cannot be free.

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