If you own a property or are thinking of buying a property and renting it out, there are many things to consider. AFF is here to help. Our Housing Specialist, Cat Calder, has recently completed a course on the rental process and is now accredited with the National Landlords Association to give advice. Contact Cat at housing@aff.org.uk

Taxing rental issues

THE new landlords tax is gradually being phased in and will be fully implemented by 2020.

This means that certain deductions, such as the mortgage interest payment, can no longer be made before the tax is calculated.

We have been contacted by many of you who own one property but are unable to live in it because of the mobile nature of Service life.

Many families have told us that they feel disadvantaged by the policy.

We recently carried out a survey on this issue and the results clearly highlight that, once the new rules are fully implemented, the families most affected are those of you who are currently just breaking even or making a loss.

These are the families who own one property which they live in when Army postings allow or who have sensibly planned to have somewhere to live once they leave the Army. 

AFF firmly believes that Armed Forces personnel who only own one property but rent it out should be exempt from this policy and we will continue to raise this issue at the highest level.

To find out more, contact Laura Lewin at etam@aff.org.uk

Consider your options

ONE option for renting is to be part of a social letting agency.

These are being set up by councils as not-for-profit organisations to help increase the amount of private rental property available for those low-income families who are being pushed out of the  market due to rising rental prices.

There can be benefits to being part of such a scheme and most councils offer a fully managed letting service with many having other benefits, such as guaranteed rental income even when the property is empty, regular visits to ensure the upkeep of the property and the guarantee that the property is handed back in good condition.

If you are interested, contact your local council to see if they have a scheme in place.

Rental toolkit

AFF has put together a toolkit of useful web addresses for those of you currently renting out your home or thinking of doing so in England, Scotland or Wales. The toolkit offers advice on the different ways you can manage your property, the legal requirements and how to start and end tenancy agreements.

Find out more at aff.org.uk

Landlord checklist

Thinking of renting your property? Here are some things to consider:

  • Keep your property free from health hazards
  • Make sure all gas and electrical equipment is safely installed and maintained
  • Provide an Energy Performance Certificate
  • Protect your tenant’s deposit in a government-approved scheme
  • Check your tenant has the right to rent
  • Give your tenant a copy of the ‘How to rent’ checklist
  • Fit and test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Check your insurance
  • Tell your mortgage company
  • Make sure you have an inventory

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