IN CONVERSATIONS with welfare officers in Brunei, AFF’s F&C team has discovered that there are a large number of spouses who have visas that have expired or are about to expire.

“We’ve raised the issue with Regional Command and we’re liaising with our contact at UK Visas and Immigration to try to work out a solution,” explained AFF F&C specialist Katherine Houlston.

“It’s likely that many expiry cases are spouses who weren’t given the full five years in the first place, so UKVI needs to correct them for free.

“It’s proving to be a logistical nightmare for corrections to take place overseas, but on the plus side it’s pushing the issue to the top of the pile.

“We’ve agreed to provide the units with a guide to applying for visas from overseas and we hope that this will be the catalyst to eventually getting the answers that we have been pushing for.”

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