We sent Hollie-Anne Morgan (13) and her parents Kimberley and Owen to review London’s National Army Museum and, in particular, the fantastic family backpacks. Hollie-Anne shares her experience…

I REALLY enjoyed using the older children’s activity pack, Museum Film Crew.

It let me enjoy my creativity, which sometimes children my age don’t get to do very much anymore. I liked how you can use the pack in any area of the museum and it still made sense because it is so adaptable and you can tailor it to your own needs.

I had lots of fun equipment to use and particularly loved the film directors ‘action’ board. You could do anything you wanted to – make a mini movie and roll dice to say where it would take place and the theme – for example, drama or fantasy.

All you need to add is a smart phone to take a video or pictures on and some family or friends.

My mum and dad really liked it too and at times got a bit carried away but this made it even more fun and we had lots of laughs.

Using the pack made visiting the museum a completely different experience from just walking round looking at things and reading about them.

It was more interactive and fun, as well as learning about all the historical differences and things I didn’t know about more recent conflicts. I would happily use it again and definitely recommend both the museum and the activity packs.

As well as the Museum Film Crew backpack for ages eight-and-over, there’s also an ‘On a Mission’ backpack for two-to-seven-year-olds. Backpacks are free to borrow and available on weekends and during school holidays on a first-come first-served basis. Find out more at nam.ac.uk

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