AFF Housing Specialist Cat Calder tells us what you – and CarillionAmey (CA) – are responsible for when moving into Service Families Accommodation (SFA)…


  1. Arrive in good time
  2. If possible, arrange removals for the day after so that you don’t feel pressurised
  3. Read the CA move-in guide so that you know what to expect
  4. Allow the Allocations Officer (AO) to do their job – the new contract has made some significant changes
  5. Check that: the bins are present, all windows and doors have keys, window restrictors work and safety certificates are in-date. Turn the heating on and check that the radiators are working and there’s hot water
  6. Check that the cooker, shower and taps work
  7. Check each room thoroughly using the CA tick sheet as a guide
  8. Take photos of any issues
  9. Any faults or cleaning issues must be recorded on the paperwork along with what the AO intends to do to rectify the problem within 24 hours – even if this has been discussed verbally
  10. Existing issues such as stains or chips should be noted on your 14-day report to ensure that you are not charged at move-out
  11. When you sign the form, you are signing to accept that the SFA is at move-in standard. It’s vitally important to ensure that all issues are on the paperwork – giving you an audit trail for any future complaints.


  1. That the SFA is at the move-in standard. The AO should have checked the SFA several days before your move-in
  2. The AO will allow up to an hour for the move-in
  3. They will take you to each room, show that everything works (windows, locks, heating, cooker etc) and where the stopcock and gas emergency cut-off are
  4. The AO will note any issues on the paperwork and will arrange for any recorded issues to be resolved within 24-hours
  5. You will be left with the relevant safety certificates and operating instructions for appliances
  6. The AO will record meter readings or oil levels
  7. The AO will ask you to sign the paperwork accepting the house – ensure that all issues are noted before you sign
  8. If there is an unexpected issue that cannot be fixed and you can’t move-in, such as an uninhabitable fault, the AO will arrange alternative accommodation. This may be another SFA or a hotel.

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