EARLIER this summer, Army&You featured the story of Moira, the first female Yeoman Warder, who took part in 1000 Londoners, the biggest documentary series ever made about a city.

The series continues to grow and the 22nd Londoner to feature is Ted, a Chelsea Pensioner and self-pronounced “naughty boy”!

Ted’s story

“Life’s too short. If you can make someone laugh every day, then you’ve cracked it. That’s probably why I didn’t get promoted.” Ted, Chelsea Pensioner

How to enjoy life after Service is a perennial question for our Armed Forces, but Ted has found the answer.

A real Londoner – with an eye for mischief – Ted is enjoying a palatial retirement in the heart of the London establishment at the Royal Hospital.

Don’t miss your chance to learn about the human face under the famous tricorne hat, see the pomp and ceremony of London’s most famous retirement home and meet one of its unique, charming residents.

The film is available online at 1000londoners.com along with other insightful documentaries in the series.