IF YOU have seen Spectre, you’ll know that when James Bond wants something, he gets it. Not by asking politely, waiting his turn, trusting in fate, thinking it will just happen next year… No, 007 doesn’t just get, he takes.

You wouldn’t entertain the idea of Bond waiting for assistance at a supermarket self-service checkout, or sitting gridlocked in traffic on the M25 would you?

So why on earth do we think that the queue in the supermarket, the motorway, the rut that we seem to have found ourselves stuck in is good enough for us?

Sometimes we just don’t know how to look left and right and up and over; or if we do, we don’t have the strength, the time, the courage, the confidence to haul ourselves out and embrace the unsettling excitement of new, of different, of better.

How do we do it?

We break the rules – our rules. And we make a commitment to change:

Break the rules

Let go of your limiting beliefs, think creatively, explore every way possible to achieve what you want to achieve.

Own your vision

Your change, your journey. Take responsibility for moving forward and don’t listen to those who say you can’t. You can.

Never doubt yourself

When you catch that negative voice in your head, delete it and replace it with your own positive mantra – “I am strong and confident”.

Do something to move forward every day

Break a habit, choose a different chair, walk a different route, book that flight, write that letter.

Be your own Bond. Commit to yourself today. By tomorrow you will be on your way.

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