When you move around frequently and often at short notice, it can be tough settling in and making new friends, but the Military Wives Choirs (MWC) can provide that continuity with a ready-made group who just get it.


The choirs are completely musically inclusive, so there’s no need to read music and they all share the same core repertoire which means you can confidently walk into the rehearsal room knowing you’ll receive a warm welcome and can join in with some familiar songs!

This is essential for mobility, meaning you can access the wellbeing benefits of singing in a choir, settle in and bond more quickly.

This made a huge difference to Anne, currently a member of Sandhurst MWC but having previously sung with Nottingham, Lympstone, North London and two of the now closed German choirs, making Sandhurst Anne’s sixth MWC.

Anne (feature photo with her family) says: “Despite frequent postings I know the choirs will be a constant and an important anchor in my social life, providing me with a focus and stability. There will be songs I know and a chance to learn new ones!”

Over the years, Anne has performed in many locations including 10 Downing Street (pictured right).

“Frequently, I’ve arrived at a new posting not knowing anyone but safe in the knowledge that I’ll join the choir and develop new friendships. It works a treat every time,” adds Anne.


Being a part of the MWC network is so important to members like Ruth that on moving from Odiham to Halton, one of the first things she did was attend rehearsals.

She says: “When we moved to our current base, I went to choir on the first night we moved in. I abandoned the boxes because getting to choir and meeting up with the other ladies is a huge part of my life.”

Find your stabilising influence

The Military Wives Choirs is a charity that brings all women in the military community, not just wives, closer together and empowers them through singing.

With more than 70 choirs in British military bases across the UK and overseas, find your nearest choir and learn more about the charity at militarywiveschoirs.org

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