As part of the changes to the Local Overseas Allowance, a new allowance called the Overseas Private Vehicle Provision (OPVP) was introduced. So, what is the OPVP and how can it help you?

OPVP helps with the cost of a car while you’re posted overseas. This can be used towards:

  • Selling and buying a car – associated administrative and vehicle depreciation costs
  • Leasing a car – charges incurred when cancelling a lease agreement
  • The cost of shipping one vehicle to and from your permanent overseas location.

What are the rates and how can I claim?

The current rate is set at £975 so you can claim back up to this figure, if eligible. Your soldier’s unit HR admin team will need to check any supporting documents before they give approval. Full details of what’s needed can be found in JSP 752 v46 Chapter 9 section 4.

Alternatively, if you choose to drive your car to eligible countries (Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar), you can claim Motor Mileage Allowance and one day’s subsistence as a contribution towards the journey.

Find out more at and check if you’re eligible by asking your soldier to speak to their unit HR admin.

If you have any feedback on OPVP, email

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