IN this edition’s Army&You and Reading Force Book Club, three Forces youngsters and their mums do a little letter reading with Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett. Here are their favourite bits…

Amelia Dunn (6)
This book follows a little boy called Alex who finds a dragon and writes letters to people in his community for advice on looking after him.

The book is full of wonderfully bright, bold illustrations and the little letters to pull out and read are a lovely interactive added touch.

The story captivated my daughter’s imagination – she loved the funny replies Alex was sent and it’s now a firm favourite.


Phoebe and Thomas Greener (5 and 7, pictured above)
Alex finds a dragon in his house and writes letters to find out how to look after him and makes a friend in the meantime.

We loved this picture book with letters to open. Our favourite is the letter from the butcher who is desperate to eat – we mean meet – him!

We recommend this picture book to both girls and boys who love dragons and receiving letters.

Have fun sharing books
READING Force is the free shared reading initiative for Forces families where you can share a book and talk about it, together at home or over Skype or FaceTime if separated from your soldier.

You’ll receive a free book and scrapbook to fill in with your thoughts, letters, drawings and photographs. It’s a fun way to keep connected.

Take part via your children’s school, HIVE, or register online at

If your children would like to review books for the A&Y Book Club, email with their names and ages.

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