ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has launched its Big Curry for 2017.

Now in its 11th year, The Big Curry embraces the British Army’s long tradition of eating a curry together and offers families, friends, colleagues and team-mates the opportunity to have fun while raising money for soldiers, veterans and their families in times of need. 

To make things easy, a new registration platform has also been launched to guide you through the ways to host your own Big Curry. Whether you opt to cook a feast, pop down to your local curry house or simply take spiced cookies into work, there are plenty of options for getting involved.   

You’ll also receive a pack to help you make your event special. It includes a guide with recipes, posters, collection tins and everything you need to throw an excellent Big Curry.  

Stephen Oatley, head of events at ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, said: “By donating money to take part in the Big Curry, people across the UK are helping to secure the futures and the independence of everyone that ABF The Soldiers’ Charity helps.

“Whether you’re a business or just someone who loves to host curry nights at home, everything you need to make The Big Curry extra special is available from our website.” 

The details

When?October is Big Curry month, but you can hold one whenever you like. 

Where? In your home, your office, your local pub, takeaway –wherever you fancy.

How? Simply visit www.soldierscharity.org/thebigcurry to register or call 020 7811 3202. 

Raising money:You can raise money by selling tickets, asking for donations, holding a raffle or taking on the Chilli Cookie Roulette challenge. 

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