IF YOU are living in British Forces Germany and are considering becoming a childminder, there’s lots of help and information available to guide you through the process, according to childminding co-ordinator Jo Charters.

As your initial point of contact, Jo will have chat with you about what the process entails and go through any costs so you know what to expect.  

You’ll then need to complete an initial vetting pack, which includes filling in details including your addresses for the last five years and your date of birth.

Once that is complete, there’s an enhanced DBS check for you and any of your family members over the age of 16, such as your spouse and children, who will be living at the house where you intend to run your childminding business from.

In Germany, all vetting is completed by the Army Welfare Service (AWS). The current cost is €104 and this changes with the FFR exchange rate.

To ensure the vetting process runs smoothly, make sure your referees are aware that they are being included in the vetting pack and you’ve sought permission from them as most vetting checks are delayed due to lack of response from referees.

Whilst waiting for your vetting, you can complete:

  • A two-day introduction to childminding course delivered by Jo at no cost to you. This course also highlights other aspects of training which you should be aware of such as food hygiene, health & safety, and equality and diversity.
  • A one-day, level two safeguarding course, delivered for free by Targeted Services.
  • A two-day paediatric first aid course (level three), delivered by MOD schools for £75. It is also presently provided through 41 AEC, with PCDL fees €24 and provider fees £80.
  • Once registered, you can claim back £250 for costs incurred.  

Once vetting is completed, the AWS will contact British Forces Early Years Services which will then start the application process/paperwork for you to become a childminder.

Jo will also carry out a registration initial visit to highlight any areas of improvement needed within your home. There’s then a final house check before you can become a registered childminder.

To find out more, call Jo on +49 (0)1738 873811 or email her at childminding.paderborn@modschools.org  

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