Craig Johnson is the Nurse Advisor for the MOD’s Directorate Children & Young People (DCYP). It might sound unusual to have a nurse working in an educational organisation, but he’s part of a multi-agency team whose aim is to ensure service children have the best opportunities. We spoke to Craig (pictured) to find out more…

DCYP provides a single focus for all issues related to service children, my role covers four key areas:

  • Developing policy, directives and guidance relating to the health of service children and young people.
  • Support for MOD schools which can range from health promotion sessions to generating health absence data to help reduce preventable absences through evidence-based support. Ultimately, I aim to empower all pupils with the health tools to live healthy, happy lives.
  • In a previous life I was a school nurse, and although I don’t provide direct school nurse services, I do offer additional support for our schools and community health providers in the UK and overseas.
  • My role requires me to develop and lead specific activities on behalf of DCYP. I also work at a national level supporting the work of key stakeholders such as the Department of Health, Public Health England, NHS England, and Health Education England; advocating for service children and families.

Ultimately, my aim and passion is to improve the health outcomes of your children wherever you’re posted, whilst reducing any inequalities or barriers to ensure that you’re not disadvantaged with regards to health support.

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