GOT a poem you would like to share with Army&You‘s readers? Send it, preferably along with a photograph, to and we’ll feature it in Well-versed. This effort comes from Army spouse Ruth Fry, who wrote it for her son Rueben.

There is a hero

There was a hero in the recruiting office;
He swore an oath of allegiance,
when he had only just become a man.

There was a hero on the battlefield;
He wore camouflage and carried a weapon,
into dusty warzones far from home.

There was a hero on the parade ground;
He had medals pinned to his chest,
as he stood silent remembering the fallen.

There is a hero in my home;
He is called “daddy” here,
Her Majesty’s soldier, my husband, your hero.

There is a hero in my bed;
He is crying because we are moving… again,
he has to say goodbye to all his friends.

There is a hero in the playground;
He is wearing his new school uniform,
ready to start again at another new school.

There is a hero on the doorstep;
He is waving goodbye to his big sister,
she is leaving to go to boarding school.

There is a hero you have forgotten;
He did not choose this life,
his daddy is a soldier, his daddy is your hero.

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