LOTS of military families will be able to relate to army spouse Gillian Low’s poem summing up her experience in moving house…

‘Twas the night before moving

‘Twas the night before moving, when all through the house, every creature was stirring, oh crikey, is that a mouse?

The drilling of bed frames, the drip drip of the freezer. Should I just bin it all? That would be much easier!

The head of the house, he staggers and sweats, starting not one job but twenty, will they get finished? Place your bets.

Piles of clean laundry, why put them away? They’ll get tossed in the lorry, not to be seen for days.

Tick, tick, tick – another thing off that list, should we drink all the booze and just get pissed?

The stress of what awaits, known as the ‘other side’, I’ll keep a hold of my marigolds and my oven pride.

Truth be told, it’s sad saying farewell, saying ‘see you soon’ to all who are swell.

So, the next chapter awaits, what will be in store? One thing is for certain, dingy carpets on the floor.

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