#TunefulTuesday: Chemical Brothers
Intense and moody – perhaps one for the purists.
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 Chemical Brothers, Born in the Echoes

FAMED duo the Chemical Brothers’ knack for crafting multi-layered floor-fillers has yielded a host of hits over the band’s near quarter century together.

Tom Rowlands’ and Ed Simons’ affinity for big beats with an industrial edge established an immediately recognisable sound which brought us the likes of Block Rockin’ Beats, Leave Home and Hey Boy, Hey Girl.

But where previous releases have featured enough soft edges to appeal to a mainstream audience, new album Born in the Echoes instead opts to emphasise the jagged edges. The hypnotic bleeps and hard beat of opener Sometimes I Feel So Deserted suggest what is to come and the lighter touch of Go proves no more than a brief diversion before EML Ritual and I’ll See You There drag you back down into the album’s darker sound.

The shift in approach is by no means a bad thing and, a couple of examples (namely Go and closing track Wide Open) apart, Born in the Echoes stays true to the Chemical Brothers’ chunkier new approach. For anyone hoping to hear toe-tappers along the lines of Star Guitar, however, you’re probably better off dusting off the Singles or Brotherhood compilation albums.

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