AFF Housing Specialist Cat Calder provides a timely reminder on the sublet programme and how it works…

There are currently approximately 11,400 empty SFA in the UK – many are being held for the last remaining unit moves from Germany this summer, but others are simply in the wrong area for the needs of the military.

What’s the plan?
The aim is to create revenue from these empty properties by renting them out to civilians on six-month tenancy agreements, subject to the usual checks. This will ensure better property maintenance, reduce vandalism and get the best use out of public assets. Any revenue will go back into accommodation.

There’s a promise to serving personnel that no-one will be disadvantaged by this programme – those of you living in a highlighted area will be given the option to move to an area with occupied SFA. Removals will be paid for if you are on a regular licence but if you are on a surplus agreement, you’ll have to fund the move yourself. As there’s no operational requirement for any move Disturbance Expense is not payable in these situations.

Will I still be housed?
If the programme is rolled out in an area, it means that there are surplus SFA available. You will always take priority over civilians, until a tenancy agreement has been signed and a deposit taken, so anyone eligible but not entitled to SFA, such as a divorced soldier who wants to have a home for children to visit, will be able to apply for surplus via the e1132 – although I would recommend a quick call to Amey (0800 707 6000) to discuss availability first.

There were issues experienced by some of you in Lyneham last year.  AFF has been assured that should any area be needed for military usage in the future, the sublet tenancies will be terminated before any surplus licences and even then, this will be on a case-by-case basis to ensure the minimum disruption to families.

If you have any concerns about the subletting process, contact me at

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