More than 4,000 people from British Forces Germany are rebasing this summer. The majority are moving back to Wiltshire, but also to other UK locations and Cyprus. We’ve been finding out how it’s going…

THERE has been extensive building over the last year to accommodate families.New schools and nurseries have been created to support the influx to the new areas and close liaison between local authorities and the MOD means it should be a smooth transition.

Carole Rudd, AFF Regional Manager Germany, explained: “Here in BFG people are anticipating the move with a heady mix of excitement and nerves, but if you need information, contact us at or visit – we’re here to help.”

A unit welfare officer in BFG added: “We have spent considerable time preparing troops and families for the drawdown and most are looking forward to their move back to the UK.”

And one family told us: “Rebasing is a bit like pregnancy and childbirth, you can prepare as much as you like but ultimately, one thing is for certain: this baby is happening no matter what.”


  • Your passport should have at least six months remaining
  • Make sure you have a valid pet passport and that rabies vaccinations are up-to-date, with final tick/tapeworm treatments a month before leaving BFG
  • Check with your insurance provider that you’re covered for transit of household contents
  • You can apply for a dentist and GP in the UK whilst still resident in Germany – see for more
  • UK insurance and service contracts should be initiated two months prior to moving For information on obtaining a Good Conduct Certificate before you move, visit
  • You can redirect your mail at

Island info

With rebasing in full swing, HQ British Forces Cyprus has improved communications for families moving to the island.

Lack of pre-arrival information has been a consistent issue reported to AFF’s Cyprus team but something the chain of command has been tackling head on, with a temporary post created to address the situation and a comprehensive guide also available for families moving from Germany.

“It’s good to see that efforts have been made to improve pre-arrivals communication as it’s important to manage families’ expectations,” said AFF’s Regional Manager Cyprus Carolyn Aggar.

“Cyprus is sometimes seen as a ‘holiday posting’ with the opportunity for more family time but be aware that it’s often not the case as your serving person may be very busy and regularly away on exercise or deployment.”

Posted to Cyprus?
If you need any support or would like to know more about living in Cyprus, the guide is available via the HIVE or go to AFF’s Cyprus pages at

Your soldier can also download details via the Defence Intranet. See page three for AFF’s Cyprus team’s contact details.

Hot on the heels of housing

All allocations have been based on entitlement and proximity to duty station – some of you will have been allocated new builds and some will be in older style Service Family Accommodation.
Significant work has been done to many of the older style quarters in the Salisbury Plain area, but some upgrades may be done after you’ve moved in.

The majority of move-ins will be done by proxy. As a result of feedback from AFF and experience from previous unit moves, Amey and DIO have undertaken to train proxies so that they are up-to-speed on expected move-in standards.

If you’re moving into a new build, you’ll receive a Home User Guide on how to manage the property – boiler, hot water, location of stopcock etc – and some information about the local area.
Amey has committed to follow up with you once you’ve moved in, either by phone or face-to-face, to ensure you’re happy.

The move-in standard is available to read at – take a look before you start the moving process.

Things to remember
Once you’ve moved in, don’t forget to complete your 14-day report and make sure you keep a copy for when you move out. This is only for issues you don’t want to be charged for at move-out, such as chipped tiles or marks on the carpet. Report cleanliness or repair problems to Amey on 0800 707 6000.

Returning to the UK
For those of you moving from Germany, especially if you haven’t lived in the UK for a while, you may find that UK houses are smaller than you have been used to however, the military community on patches is alive and well and AFF would like to give you a warm welcome.

If you need us, contact your local co-ordinator or specialist via

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