By Alex, aged nine

I live with my mum, dad and brother Ollie who’s eight. My dad is in the REME and this means that we usually have to move every two or three years.

I’ve lived in five different houses and been to four schools. Moving is scary because I worry that I won’t make new
friends at school and I miss my old ones. At the moment we’re in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. I like it here and we’re lucky as my grandad works in the army in Catterick, so he lives near us with my nana and auntie. My great nana and my cousin live round the corner as well. I don’t like it when my friends move because it makes me sad, my best friend Mikey has just moved away and I miss him.

My dad goes away quite a lot. I miss him but he video calls me and my brother when he can. When dad’s away, mum lets me sleep in her bed sometimes. When he comes back it’s very exciting as he brings me presents from where he’s been!

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Pictured above: Alex (left) with his parents and brother, Ollie

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