When Natalie Trezise met her future husband, she was living in Nottingham and working as a science teacher and he was based in Germany. They did the ‘long-distance thing’ for five years before he was posted back to the UK where they now live together with Weimaraner Frank. Now, Natalie has created Forces-friendly website YourHomePatch, which she hopes will become a ‘go-to’ resource for families…

NATALIE feels “incredibly lucky” to be a part of the military community.

“I’m surrounded by resilient and inspiring spouses, with incredible senses of humour and a ‘get on with it’ attitude,” she explained. “Sharing pride in what our partners do is amazing and I wouldn’t change our Army life for anything.

“During the five years of living apart and the two years together in England, I found huge comfort and strength in the military community. I’ve thrown myself into the social aspects of mess and patch life, and it was here that I found the inspiration for my business.”

YourHomePatch brings together information about your patch into one site, helping Forces families settle into their new posting quicker.

It lists recommended local businesses and services as well as offering information about your camp, the med centre, essential numbers like the guardroom and welfare and an events calendar.

“I want it to be the directory of patch life, the ‘Google of the garrison’,” said Natalie.

“The feedback so far has been incredibly positive; the only negative being that I’ve not launched in every area yet.

“The plan is to cover every military posting in the UK and abroad because a girl’s got to dream big, right?”

All the recommendations come from people who live in that patch rather than from advertising, but it has been time-consuming for Natalie to put together.

“YourHomePatch won’t exist without your help, so please get in touch and let me know what’s good in your patch so I can share it with others. You can even recommend your own business.”

Check out the site at yourhomepatch.co.uk, create your free membership and Natalie will let you know when your patch is launched.

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