VICKI Blandford runs Fargo’s First Steps childcare in Larkhill, Wiltshire, which is home to large numbers of Army families in the area, and she told us how she ensures the under-fives in her care receive the right support.

“We are aware that the serving parent often goes away a lot so we offer extra help as needed to help the family as much as possible,” she explained. ”We’re aware that extra cuddles may be needed during this time.”

“I collect as much information as I can on where they have come from and what their favourite things are to help them feel like their new surroundings are familiar.

“If a child leaves, I give them a photo album of all their friends here and all the outings and activities we have done. They can take this to their new childcare setting to talk about what they used to do.” 

For more information on Army life for under-fives, click here.

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