Nicci Shayler (pictured above) tells Army&You why her love of crystals fits perfectly with military life…

MY MUM had begun collecting various crystals for her home – they looked so pretty and I was interested to learn that they can help improve wellbeing.

As someone who suffers with anxiety, and who is always in need of an extra punch of energy, I wanted to know more.

Research taught me that crystals have been used for thousands of years. They work within our electromagnetic field, vibrating at different frequencies and bringing order and harmony, where needed, due to their regular structure.

I began making jewellery using various crystals including amethyst, a powerful stone that, among other things, can be good for headaches; lapis lazuli, which encourages self-expression; and turquoise, a great all-round healer and immune booster.

As an Army wife of seven years, it’s become something I turn to for relief from whatever else is going on around me.

It can help me overcome worry about telling my five-year-old that daddy won’t be home before she goes to bed again, or it can provide strength when I’m tired from a long day of work. Now my home is filled with colourful, crystal beauties – the perfect way to dress any magnolia room!

My friends and family are increasingly adorned with my creations. Last Christmas was a flurry of beads, glue and checking my crystal ‘bible’ to ensure I was putting together the perfect selection of stones.

It’s a craft I can pack away into a neat and tidy box when I’m done – a bonus when Army kit continuously multiplies in our SFA! Importantly, it also means I can pack up and take it wherever the Army sends us.

If you’ve never thought about using and wearing crystals, give it a go.

There are crystal shops all over and a range of online sellers ready to share their expertise to help you choose something right for you.

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