EVERYTHING is going digital these days to make our lives easier – and healthcare is no exception. The introduction of the eRedbook to record your child’s progress is certainly benefiting service families overseas.

Following its roll out in the UK, military families in Cyprus and Kenya are now able to download the eRedbook through a SSAFA project, enabling them to access their child’s birth-to-five health and development records from anywhere – no more packing the Red Book away for removals and not being able to find it for months.

“It’s easy to use and handy to have at your fingertips,” explained military spouse Danielle Gill, currently living in Cyprus. “I love that I can include photos as my daughter grows.

“The fact that eRedbook is an app means I always have easy access to information and can update it wherever I am, even when waking in the middle of the night.”

Updates to come

Local SSAFA content is now included in the eRedbook, meaning that information on nearby services and events, such as baby clinics, is now available directly. So, if you’re posted to Cyprus or Kenya soon, you can take a look at what you and your little ones can access on your arrival.

The development of the eRedbook is an ongoing process with more exciting functions being worked on – so watch this space.

Jane Bojdys, SSAFA Cyprus public health lead, said: “SSAFA is proud to be at the cutting edge of service provision for our community, enabling them to not only access new technology but directly influence the future development to meet the needs of our highly-mobile families.”

Find out more by emailing eredbookcyprus@gmail.com

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