SHARON Green is currently serving, although about to leave, and is also a military spouse. Sharon and her husband rely on a lot of people for support, so she wrote this poem as a thank you.


Army life is better when part of a team, 

as life can be tough serving country and queen.

Parents and friends often lend their support,

to carry the can while we play Regimental sport.


There are so many who make our time free,

so we can go to a bar for the après-ski.

“Was the exercise hard? Did you get very muddy?”

Not really in Sicily on a battlefield study.


Thank you for looking after my child, horse or dog,

Being away is such a challenge, it’s a real slog.

We stood round a map and drank lots of tea,

all so Britannia can rule Land, Air and Sea.


But you don’t really mind the magnolia walls,

the moving, the strange friends, the late-night calls?

You love the choir, drinks with the CO’s wife,

it’s all part of ‘the offer’, the Army life.


Can you do bath time? Or you’re such a star,

I need to have leaving drinks in the mess bar.

There’s also the boxing, a dinner night, then out for a run, 

this is definitely work dear, not a bit fun.


To our many loved ones to whom we owe,

the opportunity to all of these places to go.

We require so much support through the years,

thank you, merci, danke…. Cheers!

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