What can the Armed Forces Covenant do for me? Army&You spoke to Kate McCullough, AFF’s Covenant Specialist to find out what the most common misunderstandings are that families come to AFF with…

The Armed Forces Covenant… only applies to soldiers

It applies to the whole Armed Forces community, including their families.

The Armed Forces Covenant… doesn’t apply to us because we live in our own home

It doesn’t matter where you live, as a member of the Forces community the AFC applies to you.

The Armed Forces Covenant… will get our child into our first choice school

Service children may be given priority for mid-year admissions but this doesn’t guarantee them a place in a school if a place isn’t available.

The Armed Forces Covenant… puts me at the top of the social housing list

AFF is working with councils to encourage them to extend flexibility in local connection criteria to divorced spouses but even if you do get to the top of the list, some areas have very long waiting times.

The Armed Forces Covenant… will move me to the top of the NHS waiting list

The AFC allows for time accrued on an NHS waiting list to be transferred from one area to another. You may still have to wait for treatment but not for as long as a new person joining the list for the first time.

The Armed Forces Covenant… makes my bank give me a mortgage

A financial institution that signs the Corporate Covenant makes a pledge to limit barriers faced to services such as mortgages especially when living overseas, however, this is only guidance.

The Armed Forces Covenant… will make my employer give me leave when my husband is on R&R

The AFC does not determine employment law. Your employer should abide by statutory employment law but unfortunately R&R is not covered by this – although some Corporate Covenant signatories have committed to offer this.

For more information about the AFC visit AFF’s Covenant pages. If you think you are facing a disadvantage that could be addressed by the Armed Forces Covenant, contact Kate at covenant@aff.org.uk

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