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Brothers in Arms

The soldier had been wounded in combat,

And then rushed to the hospital ward.

Two men sat with him as he lay on his bed,

And they both looked as hard as a sword.


A nurse entered the room with her trolley,

And checked that his read-outs were good,

Then looked around at the men in the room,

Who nodded that they understood.


One of them held a book in his hand,

With a finger to mark where he’d read.

The other stood looking down at the man,

Who lay wounded and still on the bed.


The nurse was aware of the hospital rules,

And thought that she’d best ask the men,

Were they related to the wounded young man,

Or just friends of her brave Sergeant Benn.


The man with his finger still stuck in the book,

Told the nurse, from where he was sat,

“We’re brothers in arms and you must understand,

We’re like family; but closer than that.”

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