My husband has now been away for a very long 23 weeks and four days and we still have another gruelling five weeks left to go. Not that I’m counting, writes Tazmin (@indie.morgan).

IT HAS been harder than I could have ever imagined, and I have now mastered being a single parent to our fur baby, Max. However, there have been positives that have emerged from this time apart, which should not be overlooked.

My new-found inner strength has allowed me to survive solitude, numerous DIY mishaps and the realisation that there’s only so much that Delia Smith can show me about cooking for one. 

Being a primary school teacher left me with the daunting thought of enduring an endless six weeks with nothing to do, whilst being miles away from my friends and family. With time on my hands, I decided to pursue my passion for bespoke macramé crafting and ethnic/Indian accessories and so, at last, my lifelong dream of running a creative business was fulfilled. 

I hand-make everything from cushion and chair covers, to wall hangings, keychains, table runners and other boho accessories.

Although this will never replace the emptiness that deployment brings, my little business is growing every day and gives me something exciting and positive to focus on.

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