Fish (aka Alex) Kelly, Harry (11) and Layla (8) tell us about their army family life on the remote Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean…

How long have you been an army family?
15 years.

Time in Ascension Island:
One year.

How many other military families live there?
There are no other military families or army personnel on the island. There’s an RAF detachment of approximately   15 people.

What’s your quarter like?
It’s a three-bedroom detached bungalow in Georgetown. There’s a lovely big open-plan living/dining room and the bedrooms are all a very nice size too. The garden is great and we get visits from the local donkeys. 

Are there employment/training opportunities?
There are limited opportunities at the school or at the Ascension Island government. Internet is very expensive so although you can do online courses, you would need to pay for the extra allowance.

What about schools and childcare?
Two Boats School caters for children aged three-to-16. Classes are merged (years one and two, three and four etc) but class sizes are still small. Harry and Layla really enjoy it.

Where do service families get together?
We have the odd social at our house and the wing commander has organised functions at her house with a mix of military personnel, civil servants and contractors. Formal functions are also held in the all ranks mess throughout the year.

Who supports you?
The RAF detachment is really good and we also get support from DIO in the Falklands and DIO UK.

What’s the best thing about living in Ascension?
Being able to see the sea wherever you are. The clear sky at night allows you to enjoy the stars and the wildlife is amazing.

Would you recommend Ascension Island as a family posting?
Yes, the peaceful island is a fantastic place to raise the kids, and the weather allows them to be outdoors every day.

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