OVER the course of a year, AFF advises and guides thousands of Army families through our specialists and local co-ordinators. Many more of you rely on the news and information available through Army&You and our ever-evolving social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Our website – www.aff.org.uk – provides an enormous amount of valuable information on all aspects of Army family life, whilst this website  carries news stories and includes our Jobs&You portal for those of you seeking employment.

Through our new volunteer programme, we have opportunities to volunteer with AFF to help us reach even more Army families – www.aff.org.uk/volunteer

You may only need to contact us when you hit a specific issue but we’re continually working for you.

Our contacts within the MOD and government have enabled us to provide advice and guidance to decision makers, influencing policy at a time when there’s enormous change sweeping across defence.

AFF has been consulted during a wide range of studies and projects which are contributing to changes in areas such as housing, rebasing, Reserves and redundancy. We rely on you to tell us your views, what issues you have and what you think of Army life – this ensures that when we talk to the Adjutant General and the Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans we’re illustrating issues using your views.

What’s your question? 

Our “Big Debate” – AFF Families’ Conference in October puts you in the driving seat – giving you the chance to tell top decision makers what you think of Army life and to hear their frank views on what the future holds.

  • We know that you will have plenty of questions such as:
  • Will there be enough quarters ready for the big move back from Germany?
  • Will pay ever rise to a more acceptable rate?
  • What will Army housing costs be in the future?
  • Will working hours improve?
  • Will defence cuts continue to impact on our soldier?

As well as being at the very heart of the debate, you will also have direct access to our highly experienced AFF Specialists who will be on hand to listen and help with any issues you may have.

And amongst this year’s exhibitors will be potential employers and trainers – organisations interested in offering you a job or providing training opportunities.

Tickets will be popular, so book your free place at www.aff.org.uk/bigdebate

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