Union Spa: Kelly Calverley

Our Ajax: Sarah Lock

Chuff Charts: Judy Benger; Amanda Francis; Jodie Parry, Christina Poosa; Emma Cooper; Richard Hawkins; Alison England; Charlie Sklenar; Nicole Domine-Robinson; Graham Barnett

English Heritage: Julia Cotton; Andria Dutton; Philippa Crick, Angela Francois; Alison Hueck

MouseHouse: Beverley Winson; Cerise Upham

Kleshna Jewellery: Richard Morgan

Status Quo: Janet Taylor; Suzanne Pattinson

Ski Holiday: Kate Walton

Binary box wall stickers: Marianne McTavy; Jeanette Pooley

Winter Wonderland: Mrs V Bagshaw

My hero has my heart: Peta Hones

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The AFF's Communications Administrator based at AFF HQ in Andover

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